The Defiled - Daggers [Review]Over the past few years The Defiled have gone from strength to strength, racking up several impressive support slots, releasing their phenomenal debut album “Grave Times”, and establishing themselves as one of the UK’s hottest up and coming metal bands. Now in 2013, The Defiled are back with a album that equally rivals that of its predecessor, an album made up of twelve incredible metal anthems… An album that could quite possibly me THE BEST metal album of the year!

With “Daggers”, The Defiled let loose anthem after anthem, mixing elements of metalcore, thrash goth to form an insane hybrid sound – going above and beyond anything that a UK based underground metal band are doing at the moment. Opening with ‘Sleeper’, ‘Unspoken’ and ‘Saints And Sinners’, The Defiled pull no punches in unleashing hell from the word go, providing the listener with hook laden riffs, chant along choruses and a fucktonne of synth to sink their teeth into. It really is an all killer, no filler album.

The famous saying: “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” is one that The Defiled clearly sticks to.  The release of “Grave Times” was an amazing feat and The Defiled have clearly learnt from this, writing an album which although has evolved from its predecessor, clearly follows the same principles and sound they aimed to achieve with it. There is no other band in the UK at the moment who are writing songs as good as The Defiled and with tracks such as ‘As I Drown’, ‘Fragments of Hope’ and ‘Five Minutes’ being some of the highlights from “Daggers”,  it is clear that The Defiled are a band that are a cut above the rest.

It is more than fair to say that front man Stitch D is one of the most talented vocalists to come out of the UK metal scene in the past 10 years – mastering the high and the low, the clean and the guttural, and proving through his unique and distinct voice why his voice is the perfect match for the industrial tinged sound The Defiled are going for. Although the vocals lines are at points drowned out by the sonic wall of sounds conjured by the keyboard demon that is The A.v.D, tracks such as the Marilyn Manson-esque ‘Porcelain’ and the driving mosh-fest that is ‘The Mourning After’ best show off how truly amazing and innovative Stitch D’s vocal ability is.

To put it quite simply: “Daggers” is hands down THE metal album of the year! The Defiled are slowly but surely being recognised for the amazing band they are, and hopefully “Daggers” is the record that will elevate them into the big league in which they rightfully deserve to be a part of!

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