The Blackout - Start the Party“Start the Party” is an excellent album title that mirrors the energetic, feel good feeling that flows throughout The Blackout’s latest album. Taking a more upbeat and lively approach compared to some of their earlier releases, The Blackout have released one of the finest albums of their career this far; jamming it full of shout along, fist in the air hard rock anthems that will get you pumped from the moment they kick in. Along with the 2009 album, “The Best in Town” – “Start the Party” is the ultimate starting point for anyone wanting to get into these welsh rock heroes, proving a catchy as hell, straight up rock album that will have you singing along to the songs on it for years to come.

Opening with the vigorous bounce of the title track ‘Start the Party’; closely followed by the short, yet sweet ‘Radio’ and new national anthem ‘We Live On’ (which has one awesome scream breakdown in it), The Blackout start things off in style, going flat out in the first 10 minutes, delivering three incredible songs that will stand the test of time; making it clear that The Blackout’s main objective when writing this album was to make these songs as catchy and memorable as possible… And by god did they succeed in doing so!

The mix of clean and scream vocals is well balanced on “Start the Party,” but compared to some of The Blackout’s previous records, the harsh vocals are a bit more prominent in some songs, as can be heard in tracks such as: ‘Take Away The Misery’, ‘Free Yourself’ and ‘Let Me Go’, giving The Blackout’s music a heavier edge. Gavin Butler and Sean Smith are one hell of a dual vocal tag-team, adding their talent to these already amazing songs and giving them both a light and a dark edge as both vocalists parts blend together to form an interweaving web of vocal melodies that sound incredible when put together.

Another highlight of “Start the Party” is the slower, ballad like songs that are dotted throughout this record. Songs like ‘You’ and ‘Keep Singing’ are polar opposites to some of the in your face, brute anthems that “Start the Party” is famous for, and the fact they have written songs that are of a different ilk to the rest of the album shows just how diverse and talented each and every member of The Blackout is. They aren’t your run of the mill rock band. They push borders; think outside of the box and by doing so prove why they are one of the UK’s best rock bands.

Listen to it once… You’ll be hooked. Listen to it twice… You’ll know all the words. Listen to it three times… By god you’ll understand what I mean when I state that “Start the Party” is the best album The Blackout have ever released and that it will no doubt be one of the hottest releases of 2013!

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