Texas Hippie Coalition - Peacemaker [review]“Peacemaker” is the the third album by self proclaimed Red Dirt Metal pioneers Texas Hippie Coalition, and the four piece from Denison have thrown together quite a decent collection of tunes. Taking influences from the likes of Lynyrd Skynrd and Clutch as well as country veterans such as Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, they have managed to create forty plus minutes of distorted riffs and bourbon soaked stories.

The album opens up with ‘Hands Up’ which shows THC (if you get the reference, that is a big hint of what to expect from the album) at their most rocking, with big riffs courtesy of Wes Wallace, and frontman Big Dad Ritch providing the voice. Musically and lyrically, the album doesn’t wander too far from the tried and tested southern rock / stoner format, with the usual suspects of whiskey, weed, strippers cropping up on numerous occasions, especially during the pretty self explanatory track ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock n Roll’ with its tales of “…tattoos, titties, lipstick and whiskey, twisted hippie chicks…”.

The album also has its chilled out parts. The acoustic led ‘Don’t Come Lookin’ and album closer ‘Think Of Me’ which includes is reminiscent of Black Label Society’s calmer moments on ‘Hangover Music’. These two tracks add a bit more variety to an album which does look for inspiration from other places but never strays too far from its original source.

It does occasionally threaten to sound like a lot of other bands but it rescues itself from becoming too generic. All in all its a decent album, the tracks are memorable, even after not listening to the album for a while, the songs are immediately recognisable on the next listen and while it offers little that fans of the scene won’t have heard before, it familiarity allows the listener to kick back and listen without too much threat.

One thing that I cant help thinking when I listened to this album is the importance and the repetition of the word Texas throughout the album, as if it authenticates the music more by being from that particular part of the world. Its not a bad thing I wonder how much it would change the album if the band had come from Telford instead. They are playing at this years Hammerfest, so if you are heading there and enjoy Southern fried rock, you should definitely check them out.

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