Terror - Live By The CodeWhat can I say about a new Terror album? It’s Terror, sounding like Terror – doing what Terror do. For those who are already part of the Cali mob’s global band of brothers and sisters then this is already on your stereo. The loyal fanbase buy each and every album because it’s just what you do.

To those of you unfamiliar with Terror then what does this latest release offer you? Riffs. All of them. Classic, no nonsense, pounding hardcore guitar pummelling you from start to finish. This is catchy as hell but with a genuine and uncontrived rage burning through every note.

Like Hatebreed, Downset, Madball and many of hardcore’s stalwarts, each new album brings up the question – when will they run out of riffs? When will they have to deviate from the formula bearing in mind there is only so much you can do with a few chugging chords.

Never a problem for Terror who manage to put out album after album of solid pit-starting numbers. “Keepers Of The Faith” was a benchmark album which I listened to on a non-stop loop for weeks when it came out, and set a standard that was going to be hard to follow – but follow it they have.

This album benefits from a tight production with Scott‘s vocals sounding raw and refreshingly un-tweaked. The metallic tinge of ‘I’m Only Stronger’, and the Suicidal Tendencies stomp of ‘Shot Of Reality’ are a sharp reminder that this band is no one-trick pony but they excel when they strip it down to basic anarchic mosh frenzy and slam you with another 3 minutes of high-energy hardcore.

The chest-swelling tribute of ‘The Good Die Young’ has to be the highlight here with a chorus so heartfelt and loud that it demands to be a staple of their live set for a long time to come.

With a hundreds of bands out there sticking closely to this kind of formula it is hard to stand out from the crowd, but for my money Terror stand head and shoulders above absolutely everyone.

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