First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of photos with this review – as my camera decided to have a hissy fit after being knocked out of my hands by some idiot crowd surfer! Although this didn’t ruin my night, it sure put a downer on it but on to Sylosis we go.

First up tonight are Manchester’s own homeboys… and girl; the mighty Aliases [8/10], who deliver an astonishing array of progressive tech metal. Opening with an energetic, awe inspiring untitled track off their up and coming new record, Aliases put the pedal to the metal from the word go, plowing through an incredible set including tracks such as: ‘All That Glitters Is Gold’, ‘Sirens’ and ‘We Never Should Have Met’ off of the band’s debut EP. One thing can be said about Aliases, and that is that they are one of the finest opening bands I have ever seen, performing a near flawless set that could give headliners tonight, Sylosis, a run for their money.  2013 is going to be the year of Aliases, proving after tonight’s performance why they are one of the hottest bands on the UK metal scene at the moment!

Despite lead vocalist, Ed Gibbs falling ill earlier in the tour – Devil Sold His Soul [7/10] soldier on tonight, playing through a solid 45 minutes worth of blistering, breakdown fueled instrumental tunes that tear Manchester Academy a new one.  Despite getting the odd heckle of “sing us a song” and the occasional “We Want Sylosis” chant, Devil Sold His Soul perform a staggeringly good set – containing electrifying anthems such as ‘As The Storm Unfolds’ (A song that contains more breakdowns that a Morris Marina), ‘The Verge’ and ‘The Disappointment’ from choosing a fitting set list that ranges through every part of their discography. Although they may not have been the most suitable band (musical style wise) for the bill, Devil Sold His Soul will have no doubt gained many a fan tonight, putting 110% into making their set as energetic and engaging as possible.

Headlining tonight’s shindig are the mighty Sylosis [9/10], Reading’s finest thrash metal heads who are fresh off of their US tour with Lamb of God and the release of their latest album, “Monolith”. Dominating Manchester with a jaw dropping, ear shatteringly phenomenal set, Sylosis know how to put on one hell of an explosive show, controlling the crowd tonight like puppets on a string – as waves of crowd surfers diverge on the cramped stage and pits open wider than the gates of hell from the get go! This is British heavy metal at its very best and it only gets better as the likes of ‘Teras’, ‘Empyreal’ and ‘The Blackest Skyline’ make their appearance at the tail end of the set,  closing with an over aggressive rendition of ‘Stained Humanity’ for good measure… Oh and even more pits! Sylosis have brought the roof of Manchester Academy 3 down tonight, showing us northerners the true face of the future of British heavy metal. And believe me. That face has Sylosis tattooed all over it!

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