Svart Crown - Profane [Review]Have you ever sat around with your friends and talked about new metal music? Maybe your friends are not at your disposal and you have to tell someone about a new metal album. So you go to a social media website like Twitter and announce to the Twitter universe “I just finished listening to a new album.” If you have followers you can bet that someone will ask “Was the album good?” Knowing you cannot go into a long discussion in one tweet due to the 140 character limit, you respond with such heavy metal adjectives such as “Brutal”, “Bone crushing” and “dark.” I am here to tell you that Svart Crown‘s new album “Profane” is all these adjectives and more.

Svart Crown is a French black/death metal band established in 2005. Often compared to bands such as Deathspell Omega, Behemoth and Immolation, “Profane” is their fourth studio album, the followup to 2010’s “Witnessing the Fall.”

The musicianship on “Profane” is an eargasm to any blackened death metal fan. Nicolas Muller goes into super beast mode on the drums. Brutal blast beats and effortless tempo changes throughout the album. The man sounds like he is working the skins with two extra limbs. JB Le Bail and Clement Flandrois provide skilled, bone crushing, rip your face off guitar riffs. JB Le Bail‘s vocals range from dark to guttural to painful to just down right hateful. Finally, Ludovic Veyssiere’s bass play is equally as amazing.

The whole album is well constructed from start to finish. ‘Manifestatio Symptoms’ gives you a 1:30 peek of the destruction to come. Songs such as ‘Genesis Architect’, ‘Intern.Virus.Human’ and ‘In Utero: A Place of Hatred and Threat’ are at a break neck pace. ‘Until the Last Breath’ gives you a bit of a breather but Bail‘s vocals are painfully beautiful, the sounds of a man who is being tortured. Then just when you think you are safe, ‘The Therapy of Flesh’ hits you at 100 MPH. The album finishes with strong chugging head banging guitar riffs on the song ‘Revelatio:Down Here Stillborn’.

Overall Svart Crown‘s “Profane” sounds like the apocalypse has finally come….in a good way!

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