Suicidal Angels - Eternal Domination [Review]Good old fashioned thrash metal. Chunky riffs. Hard driving drums. This is Suicidal Angels. Rather than re-invent the wheel, Suicidal Angels go about perfecting what is good and pure in thrash metal. Don’t look for anything new and different here. “Eternal Domination” is all about getting comfortable and just thrashing about. “Eternal Domination” is actually a re-release of Suicidal Angel’s 2007 debut album. The original “Eternal Domination” on OSM Records is nigh impossible to get, so the band decided to re-release it via NoiseArt Records. I for one think this was an excellent idea. Long-time fans of the band that couldn’t get hold of a good copy of the album are now supplied with one and those who loved last years’ “Bloodbath” or even 2010’s “Dead Again” can get the first release and see just how far Suicide Angels have come as a band.

“Eternal Domination” is a fast album.  Sometimes too fast as ‘Quench Your Thirst With Christian Souls’ for example sometimes feels like it stumbles over itself. It’s still a great opening track. It sets the tone. It’s a crazy mix of Slayer played with hyper intensity and Dethklok. ‘Quench Your Thirst’ flows swiftly into ‘Evil Attack’. ‘Evil Attack’ has a ‘Toxic Waltz’ feel to it in certain parts. Nick Melissourgos and Themis Katsimihas exhibit top notch guitar work. ‘Evil Attack’ has a lot of flourishes and runs that really stand out.

‘Slaughtering Christianity’ has a lot of Slayer riffage happening. On this, their first album,  Suicidal Angels take the best from bands like Slayer, Sacred Reich, and Overkill and kick it up a notch. In addition, Nick has some wicked vocals happening. The great thing is, I can understand what he says when he sings. Teaming with Themis on this album, the twin guitar attack reminds me of fighter plane dogfight videos from WWII; loads of diving, swooping and a continuous stream of weapons fire.

Contributing to bass duties on the first album is also long gone member Sotiris Skarpalezos. He’s complimented by Orfeas Tzortzopoulos on drums. I gotta tell ya, Orfeas is an amzing drummer. That’s actually an understatement. He’s fast. He’s technical. He’s steady. He’s everything you’d ever want or need in a thrash metal drummer.

“Eternal Domination” is full of songs you’d kill to hear live. ‘Demon’s Blood’ is one such song. It just screams massive mosh pit and copious amounts of head banging. There is just something about the tone of “Eternal Domination” that makes you happy. Happy in that frenetic psychotic metal keyed up uber intense SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Listen to ‘Armies in Hell’ and tell me it doesn’t make you happy.

Keep in mind when listening to “Eternal Domination” that it’s almost six years old. It doesn’t feel like it. “Eternal Domination” is still fresh and engaging. The songs have this timeless bitchin’ quality to them. I’m sure in another six years “Eternal Domination” will be just as awesome.

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