Breed 77 have been around for nearly two decades, sadly never quite reaching the heights many of their fans believe they deserve, despite ‘The River’ cracking the UK Top 40 and the seemingly endless touring. It was during their latest tour in support of new album “The Evil Inside” that ThisIsNotAScene‘s Greg sat down with bassist Stuart Cavilla and new(ish) drummer Andre Joyzi.

How’s the tour going so far?

Stuart: Great! Obviously we’re out here promoting the new album, which has come out digitally already and we’re playing new songs which feels good. It’s nice to play new songs and bring the band back on to the road again.

You guys pretty much live on the road, you’re always playing somewhere!

Stuart: The more the better!

And the new songs are being received well?

Andre: Yeah, the new single – ‘Bring on the Rain’ – people seem to like a lot and Low especially.

Stuart: The people have reacted really well, we hear from fans at the end of each night and they seem to be getting into the new songs.

You’re supported by 7 Deadly, did you know them before?

Stuart: Yeah we knew them from the Panic Cell days, always good mates of ours and they helped us out when we had our equipment stolen a few years ago. They’re great guys and we all know each other from the scene and stuff.

We’re on your bus right now, what are your 3 main rules?

Stuart and Andre: NO SOLIDS!

Andre: Clean up after yourselves…

Stuart: …and no smoking downstairs – the rest anything goes!

“The Evil Inside” is out on CD on the 25th. In terms of your previous albums how is this one different? Have you tried anything new at all?

Stuart: I think it’s darker than the previous album, sounding a bit more like the earlier stuff. For me, the new tracks are fun to play…

Andre: Yeah very fun to play and that’s important and we’re enjoying playing these songs live and recording was also awesome.

Stuart: Yeah we had fun doing this album

Did you find when you were recording that there were songs that when you finished writing them you thought “yeah this one live is going to be happening!”?

Andre: Yeah you have to try them sometimes, but there were a couple of songs that straight away worked

One of the things I like about Breed77 is that there aren’t many that sound like you, other than maybe Ill Nino – do you think you still have that originality or do you think there are a lot of bands emerging with a similar sound?

Stuart: Yeah there aren’t a lot of bands that do what we do, but even with a band like Ill Nino, they use more like Salsa or Rumba rhythms and I think we are more classic rock than them. We’ve toured before with them and had a great time.

You’re from Gibraltar and relocated to London – was that a conscious thing like it had to be London or could it have been somewhere like New York?

Stuart: Well, New York was very far away, it was cheaper to get to London! When we were growing up we used to read magazines from the UK so we wanted to be here.

You get almost pigeonholed as a UK band even though you’re sort of not – how do you feel about that?

Stuart: Well, I see it as a football team… All the English teams have foreign players! We are based in London and Breed was born in London. I never played with Paul (Isola, vocals) until I came to England, we knew each other but we never actually played together – I came first, Danny (Felice, guitars) came a year later and four years later Paul came. Me and Danny were in another band which split up so we decided to form Breed.

Last year you did a short acoustic tour and an acoustic set at Download. Was that a coincidence and how did the idea to do the tour come about?

Stuart: It’s something the fans always asked us to do because we had done one off shows, so we decided to take the plunge.

Andre: It turned out really well

Stuart: And then Download offered us the acoustic gig and it was a really good show.

Andre: An amazing turn out, there people so far back they couldn’t hear it.

You should have plugged in then… You also did a pledgemusic campaign, tell us about that.

Stuart: Yeah we did a 6 track acoustic EP for that which was download only and we just sent out the last signed albums for those that pledged.

Would you do it again?

Stuart: Maybe yeah.


Stuart: Yeah, we just signed to a new label called Frostbite in Canada and America so things might go well with them. We’ve never officially released an album over there so we’re looking forward to working with these guys and maybe there’ll be a chance to do a tour as we’ve only done one off shows (in America).

In 2007 you released an album completely in Spanish (un encuentro) reworking existing songs previously recorded in English. How did this go down generally?

Stuart: Lots of people love it!

Andre: I’m new to the band, but when we tour places like Germany and Lithuania they actually ask for the Spanish versions! The hardcore fans seem to want them, it’s interesting.

Do you think you might do that again?

Stuart: Yeah definitely. “Encuentro” was a compilation of 3 albums, kind of a “Best of” in Spanish, so maybe after the next album we’ll do another one. We’ve got it in the back of our heads, so it’ll happen…

You’ve been a band for 15 years, where do you get inspiration from now?

Andre: You get inspired by whatever is going on around you

Stuart: It’s difficult to explain, it just rolls out subconsciously (laughs)!

Any plans for later in the year after the album comes out?

Stuart: Yeah, we’re gonna be doing a few more dates in the summer, try and hit some places we missed out this time and after the summer maybe another 2 week tour or we might get a big support slot. Just waiting to hear about festivals, we know we aren’t doing Download, but we’ll see what happens.

And conquering America…

Stuart and Andre: THE WORLD!

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