Strangelight - 9 Days [Review]As a lover of all things post hardcore, seeing the name Strangelight immediately made me think of the Fugazi track. Named after the track on the bands critically acclaimed last album, Strangelight’s sound is steeped in influences from the rich music scene of 90’s era DC. Whilst the band may draw heavily from the past, the result is more of a celebration of rather than a carbon copy, which they themselves acknowledge.

“Anyone with a deep record collection will understand that Strangelight aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, just taking the dust jackets off the old classics and melting the vinyl down for fun.”

The 6 track EP “9 Days” was, as the title suggests, written and recorded in just 9 days by the Brooklyn based five piece. Combining members of Goes Cube, Thursday and Red Sparowes to name but a few the band come together to “share a love for all things angular, discordant, rhythmic and driving.”

The product of this is one highly well written EP, it would be impossible to believe it all happened in 9 days if were not for the members of this bands wealth of musical experience. “9 Days” does not sit easily in any one given genre, you could throw many different labels at the individual tracks but they wouldn’t do the EP as a whole justice. It is the collaborative feel of this group working together that unifies the tracks.

Available now on Sacrament Music, this is one EP that may split opinions from hearing just one song, it’s definitely one that needs to be experienced in its entirety. Strangelight are a band I will undoubtedly be keeping an eye on in the coming months.

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