Stonewall Noise Orchestra - SalvationStonewall Noise Orchestra is a rock band formed in Borlänge, Sweden in 2004 by members of the now defunct band Demon Cleaner. Their sound has a lot of 70’s hard rock flavor, not in a “Hey bud, nice bell bottoms!” sort of way, just that they play good groove laden tunes with not-so-modern rock tendencies. They put together another collection of these groovy tunes on their latest album, “Salvation”, out on Transubstans Records.

These guys remind me of Black Stone Cherry without the southern rock roots. Their songs all have good, chunky riffs and are easy to get into. There is not a lot of guitar noodling, they mainly focus on the riff and staying in that pocket of the song, which works well for them. Most of the tracks on the record are upper mid-tempo foot stompers. The overall production quality is good on this album. It has a good “live” sound quality to it without sounding hollow. It’s a bit different from Stonewall Noise Orchestra’s previous album, “Sweet Mississippi Deal”, especially from a vocal standpoint. Lucky for us they changed it up on this record.

Starting with the opening track ‘Die, Die, Die’, you get a pretty good idea of how the album is going to flow. Speaking of flow, that’s exactly what this album does, is flow from one song to the next This is an actual album, not just a collection of songs, which is kind of hard to come by these days. The band keeps it up until the fourth track when they give us a breather. ‘Monsoon’ has a slow, acoustic, and forewarning of impending doom feeling to it that just eases you into the rest of the record. Singe, the group’s lead singer, sounds eerily like Ian Gillian and this comparison is really noticeable here. It really fits the overall feel of this album and its songs, which surprisingly for how upbeat they feel, all seem to have something to do with death.

Maybe that’s what Stonewall Noise Orchestra is trying to tell us with the album title. Salvation is being saved or protected from harm. Maybe in this record you can find a little salvation.

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