Steak - Corned Beef ColossusWith its awesome comic book cover and goofy title, this EP from London four-piece Steak had me excited. Cool looking packaging with its tongue-in-cheek – that’s some tasty looking Steak! This five-track EP, entitled “Corned Beef Colussus”, is the follow-up to last year’s full-length debut “Disastronaught” and finds these meatheads building on good word-of-mouth on the stoner scene and some pretty high level touring, including supporting labelmates Monster Magnet in Europe.

Unabashed stoner metal devotees, the band have managed to recreate the over-amped sound of their heroes Kyuss, where the gear sounds pushed to its limits and ready to blow out in a shriek and a bang. The opener ‘Black Milk’ rides a taut and twanging blues riff but despite getting the vibe and sound just right the song itself steadfastly refuses to insinuate itself in your brain. Next up, ‘Liquid Gold’ is not the boozy celebration the title suggests. Nervy, watchful and pensive “the wait is almost over” repeats vocalist Kippa. Eventually the song flares into a Sabbath-esque cathartic upping of tempo but then fades, leaving you not quite sated.

The rhythm section of Cam on bass and Sammy on drums rolls and tumbles like a giant tumbleweed made of ganja and testosterone, but although infectious it is very similar across all five tunes, making it feel like the rest of the band are almost improvising over the top of a set of pre-agreed locked-down grooves.

The best is saved for last on ‘Acid Dave’ which, after a mild variation in rhythms, breaks down spectacularly into massive fat riffs from axeman Reece as the bad trip takes hold. This tune has more variety and drama and nearly lifts the EP into the essential listening bracket. With some stronger tunes and perhaps some more forthright and energetic vocal performances from Kippa,Steak really will be cooking. Sorry…

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