Spiders - This Could Be The Last TimeThis Sheffield indie threesome cite The Smiths, The Cure and The Jam as influences. Shit! Really? That’s a new one!

Unlike many acts who’ve said something similar though, Spiders actually do bear a passing resemblance to at least two of those bands. I can’t hear The Jam anywhere and they lack their energy, but ‘Where Does This Leave Us Now’ sounds like the lovechild of The Smiths and The Cure, with a moody guitar intro giving way to Morrissey-esque vocals.

But if Spiders were the product of those two, you can’t help but feel the parents would be a little disappointed. It would almost be like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt giving rise to someone distinctly average-looking – someone who scrubbed up quite well at best.

Nonetheless, lead singer Rob Tingle‘s vocal style and the meandering song structure seem to be based on that of PETA’s closest friend. This is even more prevalent on the gentle ‘Ambitions of a Huckster’s Daughter’.

They don’t try to be carbon copies of their illustrious influences though. And why would they? Trying to play them at their own game would only end in failure.

No, Spiders definitely have their own sound, incorporating driving riffs and sounding more like 90’s indie on ‘Subtle Differences’. Title track ‘This Could Be The Last Time’ is actually the weakest song for me. It veers a little too much into emo territory for my liking, forgetting the freedom of previous songs and settling into more of a set pattern.

As a whole though, I liked this EP, and I’d listen up if I came across any more of their stuff.

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