Spheron - Ecstasy of God [Review]One of my other passions in life is sports. I am not good at playing, but I love watching any sport. I have been known to watch sports and have my headphones on blasting metal music through my eardrums to stay awake. The British Open started on July 18 but my problem was the 4:00 a.m. EST TV coverage time. So I grabbed a cup of coffee and put on my headphones, set the volume limit at maximum and started to listen to Spheron‘s “Ecstasy Of God” debut album. After three songs the coffee and the golf tournament lost my attention and after the album was finished I knew I had listened to something special.

Spheron is a five man technical death metal band hailing from Ludwigshafen, Germany. “The Ecstasy of God” is the bands first studio album, the followup to 2010’s “To Dissect Paper” EP.

The album starts with the brutal, mood-setting ‘A Means To A End’ which transitions to the break-neck tempo of ‘The Beheaded Coachman,’ with its aggressive guitar riffs and thunderous drumming. The one thing that caught my ear on the track ‘Prestige of the Mortals’ was the vocal range of Daniel Spoor. One second you get deep death metal growls, then quickly switch to agonizing screams.

As I write this review my favorite track might be ‘Clasp the Thorns.’ It makes you take notice of the tempo changes and the brilliant guitar work of Tobias Alter and Mark Walther. I was in awe of Tobias Blach, who pounds the skins at a face-ripping pace throughout the album. Songs like ‘Tragedy Of the Clerics’ and ‘Choking on Incense’ display intricate guitar work and extravagant bass play by Matthias Minor.The closing track, ‘From Glint To Crackling,’ has a darker slower tempo laced with extraordinary riffs and remarkable solos.

The magnificent cover artwork was painted by Eliran Kantor who has worked with bands like Testament, Sodom and Atheist.

So in closing, It is easy to forget this is Spheron‘s debut LP. “Ecstasy of God” is 53 minutes of hard hitting death metal. Do yourself a favor and have a listen to this amazing album. Definitely one of the best albums of 2013.

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