Sofy Major - IdolizeThe hammer of misfortune certainly struck Sofy Major in the recording of this album. Getting the chance to leave their native France and record an album in the USA, only for Hurricane Sandy to wipe out not only the Translator Audio Studio, but all the studio’s (and their own) equipment. You couldn’t make it up if you tried. Yet despite this, the band pulled through and after much hardship, the album “Idolize” sees the light of day.

During this time of chaos the band spent considerable time in Brooklyn and part of its music scene, and it shows in some of the influences and sounds that come through. Most striking is the fat, bass-powered sludge tone throughout (think of Kylesa and early Baroness for the most part), but it takes a lot from American punk and hardcore acts in its pace and the vocals. When it reaches the two ‘UMPKK’ parts it takes a creepier turn; part 1 consists of unsettling slow passages, whilst part 2 flits between the familiar sludge groove and slower segments, while the latter ‘Seb’ follows the eerie pattern.

Despite a few instances of breaking their own mould, for the most part many of the songs take a fairly samey route based on frenetic pace and chunky grooves, so much so that a lot of this just blends into one another. However, there are enough highlights here to warrant checking it out, and the frustration of Sofy Major’s journey certainly shines through in parts.

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