Sodom - Epitome of TortureSodom has a new record, so that basically means that almost all the amazing thrash bands from Germany have released new albums. You might be reading this and thinking “Sodom…they have been around for ages” and you’d be correct. Sodom has been a band for longer than most of you have been alive. The three-piece have been around since 81’ and have seen their share of line-up changes, however Tom ‘Angelripper’ has been static since the start. Does their  new release “Epitome of Torture” hold up and stand on its own for these juggernauts of German thrash metal.

“Epitome of Torture” is their 14th full-length album to be released in 2013. The album is… well it’s Sodom an one would think that’s all there is to it, and for the most part this is the case. The band hasn’t tapered with their sound over the last few years. However if you roll back the years to “Agent Orange” there is a definite change due to a list of things, one being technology and members getting older.

The record maintains that groovy thrashy riffs we have come to expect and Angelripper on vocals gives you that familiar comfort with his now classic vocal style. As per usual the bass is pretty prominent as it kind of doubles up with the guitars in certain parts and is pretty prominent. It’s a no-thrills thrash record which is exactly what fans want from a now cult thrash act from Germany. It is certainly a comforting sound and a testament to what they have done and continue to do for metal and the thrash style in particular.

The record is well rounded and has an excellent list of tracks you could really fuck shit up to, which is never a bad thing. The solo work of course is immaculate from a technicality point of view and doesn’t break the rhythm of the song, which is what you’d come to expect from Sodom. It is really a rather amazing feat when you consider this is their 14th album and they can still bring the brutal sound. Not many bands out there can demonstrate this kind of power and appeal.

Sodom is a band who just keeps on churning out awesome records, which makes them on of the best thrash bands out there, hopefully for many more years to come!

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