Seagraves - Weight of the WorldFalling at the heavier end of the hardcore spectrum where the likes of Integrity and The Hope Conspiracy hang out, Leeds 4-piece Seagraves are giving away their debut EP “Weight of the World” as a ‘pay-what-you-want’ download from Bandcamp, but they don’t seem too all that bothered about making friends and influencing people, as those pushing play will soon discover.

Opening track ‘Hollow Lies’ is how Gallows would sound if they had spent more time listening to crust records in a crack-den then hanging out at the Kerrang! Awards. The gruff vocals perfectly complement the thick, grinding riffs and leave you in no doubt that Seagraves aren’t here to fuck about. ‘Dreams Are For Fools’ is tailor made for the pit with its frantic pace, alternating D-beat workouts with clinical chugs as the more metal side of the bands’ sound rears its head. In contrast, the short, snappy punk rock of ‘Weight of the World’ flies by in an instant as if to remind you not to get complacent.

‘Blood Runs Black’ comes across like a Wolfbrigade demo with the basic production merely serving to emphasise the grittiness of proceedings while the angular noise and slightly sloppy grind of ‘Wrong’ is an exercise in aggression that ends things on a satisfyingly grim note.

At a mere 13 minutes, “Weight of the World” is over before you know it, but there’s enough heaviness on display to please both metalheads and hardcore kids, and anyone who likes a ruck down the front, basically. A full-length soon please lads!

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