I Say Fuck - Pilgrim of the VoidYou thought it wouldn’t happen.  How could someone create something so inaudible more than once?  It pains me to inform you all, who have obviously never given a fuck anyways, that there’s a new I Say Fuck album out, “Pilgrim Of The Void” on Archaic Revival Records, followed by the most recent cum dumpster “Endura” somehow already released, yet listed as December 2013… Chris “The Dickler” Dialogue has been expelling his drone like aural excrement throughout New York City’s boroughs since 2006 and there seems to be no stopping the shit storm any time soon.

“Pilgrim Of the Void” starts out with ‘Bastard Hands,’ featuring samples from “Antichrist”. It begins with a single note, to the tune of, ‘could someone please take that dude’s fucking guitar and smash it already?’  Yeah we get it.  You’re creating ambiance.  It gets a little darker I guess, were the distortion elevates and the desperate screams of “Where are you?” weave from the forefront back into the distance.  The pulsation of the noise sounds more like a stalkers erratic, heavy breathing than anything else.  I guess someone might want to listen to that, maybe.

If over eight minutes of sociopathic breathing rhythms weren’t enough, we move on to ‘A Creeping Spite;’ what could only be described as the sounds of ravenous parasites, squirming to inhabit suburban house wives longing “voids” and spread their disease once they burrow in the spread their legs.  This track holds a bit more variety in its decay, but who gives a shit really?

‘Perpetual Penance For Perpetual Pain’ is a little ditty featuring pigeons, their farts, horns and lasers.  Everyone’s favourite things really.  Who does’t love a good pigeon fart in their tracks every now and then.  Then there’s sample of a passionate young lady using the ass analogy as to where we’re getting fucked as a society.  Stoical me has always pondered, what about those who like it up the ass?  That’s besides the point thought.  What I really want to know is what did those pigeon noises have to do with pain aside from being painful themselves?

Though more of a mid length track for the album ‘Salting The Earth…’ acts as a soothing interlude, like a quaalude before an afternoon nap.  The peaceful drone is then broken by some asshole banging on metal ventilation pipes, but thank god you took that quaalude or shit could get dark real fast.

With ‘…Lapping The Wounds’  things become much more otherworldly in their vibrations only to break back into the darkness of ‘Give Up, Give In.’  If you cleared up some of that fuzz, I’m sure you’d find a hip hop beat in there.  Secretly, Dickler’s flow is killa.  The vomit inducing ending holds no acclaim what so ever, replicating the jerking motion of a poor stick shift driver after a swarm of napalm dipped bees were so kindly guided and sealed inside the vehicle.

‘Coffin Surge;’ so that’s what it would sound like huh? I suppose the word surge is a bit misleading.  I was expecting something with a bit more burst, but then again, they are coffins.  Those tickle trunks of human remains are quite the hefty pieces of furniture.   This track projects more of a faded holographic glide with thee occasional stall.  What’s lacking is adequate instrumentation and subtle undertones to create an element of chaos and complexity this piece so desperately needed.

Last but not least, the title track.  A bit of police confrontation from the streets of New York perhaps?  I doubt it.  I did however, enjoy this track. I’m not sure how much credit can be given for replacing gun shots with drums tracks but it is a novel idea I don’t seem to have come across before.  The only redeeming quality to this album is perhaps the clips, which Chris had no hand in anyways, aside from their selection. Hell, who knows if  99chan were enlisted to compile them for him.

All this said, if you’ve been contemplating suicide or your body has been naturally decomposing for years now, this I Say Fuck album is for you.  “Pilgrim Of the Void” will flood your nervous system with a death wish, allowing you to pass on to the other side, or lack there of, as painfully as humanly possible.  Enjoy!

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