Savanna - Aurora [Review]As I have stated before, I am a child of the 80’s, so a lot of the psychedelic rock from the 60’s is lost on me. I appreciate its place in music history and understand its origins; I just never got into it as a whole. I am kind of the same way with straight progressive music. I prefer a little more rock or metal in my prog. Again, I get it, I appreciate it; just do not care for it. So I probably should have been leery of requesting Savanna’s newest release “Aurora”, released on Pontiaq Records, for review.

I cannot find a lot of information about Savanna other than they are four dudes from Portugal. These guys obviously are way into alternative, progressive, electronic, psychedelic, and space rock like their Bandcamp page states because “Aurora” is all of the above.

“Aurora” is actually about a 20 minute long track broken up into seven parts which merge into each other. It is mostly instrumental, with a few vocal passages to support the chaos. Wind chimes tinkling in the breeze and then some proggy keyboards carry you into the first vocalized section of this “song”. ‘Run’ showcases a female vocal from “Da Chick” and sounds more 80’s electronic pop than prog. This fades into all sorts of gurgling, buzzing, whirring, screeching synths and another vocalized section called ‘Rise’. Savanna wear their Pink Floyd influences on their sleeve with this portion. The vocals and guitar melodies are very “Floydesque”. The last vocalized section is ‘Rest’. This section is full of distorted guitar, organs, synthesizers, groovy bass lines, and surprisingly steady drumming. The remainder of the “song” is more of the same, minus the vocal, other than some monk-like chanting towards the end.

Savanna’s concept for this “song” is well executed and definitely in the vein of what genres they claim to be categorizing themselves in. But overall, I am not really sure what to think about it. Like I said earlier, “Aurora” probably shouldn’t have been my first choice to review.  I guess this is another situation where I can say “At least I tried it!”, because you never know, you might like it.

Savanna – Facebook Page