Satans Wrath-Aeons Of Satans ReignI had a bit of a soft spot for last year’s “Galloping Blasphemy”, the debut album from Lucifer’s latest BFF, the Greek outfit Satan’s Wrath. Here was a band that had fashioned a record that, as I said at the time, verily galloped along, caring little whether you wanted to be along for the ride or not. It was an unsophisticated record served with lashings of Possessed-esque riffs, NWOBHM sensibilities. It was at times brutal, direct but had a nice bucket of energy, a raw power and did its job quite nicely thank you very much.

Knowing that attempting to fix something that isn’t actually broken is a bit of a fool’s errand, here comes another portion of devil admiration in the form of “Aeon’s of Satan’s Reign”. This second record -whilst undoubtedly running the risk of being a classic case of the law of diminishing returns- is another helping of unsophisticated, unremarkable heavy metal wherein you can discern that their record collection includes Bathory and Celtic Frost far easier than you can the muddied and often indecipherable vocals. It’s still something of a blast though and I’ll warrant you’ll warm to it, and them, as I have.

It’s at this point in reviews that your humble scribe will usually write something like “the band have taken what they know…blah, blah.. and added to it…blah..blah..”. Err, not here. This is a record that is EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE LAST ONE. Honestly, it is. There isn’t going to be any subtle obfuscation around a song like ‘Only Satan is Lord’ now is there? Likewise, the love letter to the Devil that is ‘Satan’s Blood, Lucifer’s Fire’ is as clear as day. There’s little doubt either in the intent behind ‘Die, White Witch, Die’.

I could be critical about how little the band have moved on; how regrettable it is that they haven’t developed their style but this would be like criticising McDonald’s for making hamburgers. This is what Satan’s Wrath do. It is self evident that this is a band in love with dark heavy metal and it is equally self evident that they are having a whole bag of fun. Why deny them?

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