Sannhet - Known Flood [Review]Sannhet are one of those bands that I’ve somehow only seen live, alongside some of my favorites like Bison B.C. and Primitive Weapons at Saint Vitus and Elitist and Sea of Bones at the Acheron a few years back.  To digest them further and finally listen to them on record seemed like an obvious progression and I wondered whether their first impressions would make the seamless transition from the dim lit bars and basements of its origins, to the my sheltered den in mosquito country.  After missing out on their 3-track EP, I managed to get my hands on a copy of Sannhet’s first LP, “Known Flood” released this past February.

“Absecon Isle” played out much like the post metal acts of today in its elegant cascading virtue, gradually folding in the vibe of depressive black metal.  Guitars flowed crystalline and snare tone settled perfectly among the sonic waves, tranquil and flawless in length for an instrumental, sending you into the sounds at ease, thought the remainder of its labyrinth has yet to be journeyed by heel and toe.

Wandering down the path, further into its midst, “Endless Walls” shutters amidst static radio waves.  A chill breaks the skin and riffs become almost orbital in their taunting trance.  Christopher Todd’s drumming is powerful and bare bones, capturing a lot of the low end beautifully.  At 3:59 however, the volume levels on the additional guitar layer, over the looper are far too obvious in their amplification and hinder the overall value.  Perhaps a little more compression could have been in order, though I’m guessing some sort of sonic build was the attempt.

Inviting more metal to the madness, water sloshes and guitar riffs glimmer in brassy notes.  Snare hits are tight and leave more room for the bass to wallow in “Slow Ruin,” while the gradual shake marches you in ceremonial transition to its cold alter slab.   This track is full of welcome evolutions and takes more liberty in its ways with the extra time.  Ghostly haunting its end tails, traveling, circling, tripping and it bleeds out.

Aside from the Brooklyn metal crowd who already know and love these guys, this album might even suit the My Bloody Valentine fan merging into darker territory but it’s a stretch.  Keeping me comfortable numb, as the sizzle of a cigarette to the tongue in a mouth full of Novocain, “Known Flood” was just enough to keep my heart beating as I stared comatose out my window to the world.  This album is for a select mood and offers more in its longer tracks than anything else.  For something a bit more off the cuff that your recent black metal, “Known Flood” is an album worth having flow over you as nature intended the fog.

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