Sacred Mother Tongue - Out of the Darkness [Review]Chances are if you’re reading this you already know who Sacred Mother Tongue are, the Northampton rising stars of British Heavy Metal who have been conquering the UK gig by gig.

Fans or casual listeners may already have the EP “Into the Light” and all those tracks are present on this long player, but now sit comfortably alongside other material that is both mature and balls out heavy. Sacred Mother Tongue have managed to retain their own sound and feel whilst moving forward and allowing guitarist Andy James to stamp his personality all over the tracks. That’s not to say this is “Andy’s Record” (elsewhere on this site we learnt Andy joined after most of the songs recorded on “The Ruin of Man” were written – See our interview with the band from backstage supporting Halestorm), this is without a doubt a Sacred Mother Tongue album and, although recent live shows have focused heavily on material from “Out of the Darkness”, the tracks do sit well with those on the previous album.

Opener ‘Demons’ eases you into the album perfectly with some half time riffing before unleashing the neck breaking real intro riff into the fist bumping verse, the album churning out banger after banger from that point on – want Pantera-esque groove? Check out ‘Bird in Hand’, want some thrash? ‘Seven’ has got you covered and ‘Bleeding Out’ is surely a hit in waiting.

Album closer ‘Believe’ is the only song that seems to fall short of the standard on the rest of the record. It feels like the closest thing to a ballad the band will get and, whilst being far from a soft rock song, doesn’t really work for me and this is why it’s such a great record because it’s easier to pick my least favourite song, but I seem to have 9 favourites.

Clearly the boys are full of confidence with their song writing to try different avenues whilst staying within the realms of what they do best, Darrin (South)’s lyrics express hope and positivity throughout the album and Lee (Newell, drums) provides a solid backbeat throughout, never overplaying and perfectly complimenting and accenting the ludicrously good performances of Andy and Josh (Gurner, bass).

Those who have caught Sacred Mother Tongue on their recent jaunts around the UK will already have seen how mosh inducing the tracks ‘Seven’ and ‘Evolve/Become’ are, but every track here will have you banging your head in a righteous fashion and by the time the album has finished the only thing left to do is rub your neck and put it back on.

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