11am Sunday morning is the slot every band dreads having to play at Download. After spending 3 days drinking, moshing and partying the vast majority of the festival horde is way too hungover or burnt out to go anywhere until they’ve consumed several litres of water and eaten at least 2 bacon rolls. However, the buzz that has been following Sacred Mother Tongue even before recent release “Out of the Darkness” ensures more than usual will be dragging themselves to see the band finally move up from the second stage to the main.

Opening with ‘Demons’ the band quickly hit their stride, guitarist Andy James clearly having a good time as he peels off riff after riff and as they move into ‘The City is Crying’ the audience has already forgotten this is new bassist Craig Daws’ live debut, who shows absolutely no sign of nerves of turning up to play the main stage at one of the worlds’ premier metal festivals just weeks after joining the band.

After Sacred Mother Tongue have smashed through ‘Seven’ the early morning cobwebs in the audience are lifted and even the snare stops sounding like a tent pole in a dustbin as everyone starts to grin from ear to ear witnessing a band get the beginnings of what they deserve.

After ‘Pawn’, the final song comes all too soon and Sacred Mother Tongue bow out with ‘Evolve/Become’, everyone agreeing that was an excellent start to the Sunday and feeling pretty sure that new bass player must have always been there…

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