Sabaton - Swedish Empire Live [Review]A mere 2 years since their last live release, Sabaton are back with “Swedish Empire Live;” their new live CD and DVD that features their all new line-up. Nominated best live band at the 2012 Metal Hammer Golden God Awards and hosting the annual “Sabaton Open Air” and “Sabaton Cruise.” Sabaton are hands down one of the most impressive live bands you will ever behold, spawning forth a high octane live show that is backed up by some of the catchiest metal anthems the world has ever known. “Swedish Empire Live” captures perfectly the band on top form, recording in high audio format one of the greatest live shows to have been ever caught on CD.

It seems ‘The March to War’ followed by ‘Ghost Division’ will always be the greatest way to open up a Sabaton set, with the band taking no prisoners from the word go. Even from 2-3 songs into the set it is clear that Sabaton have gone through a line-up change with the tone in guitars and keyboards sounding substantially different and the backing vocals sounding unlike that of the original line-up. This is the ultimate Sabaton live set; containing aspects from the entire of the band’s back catalogue, and it’s the fact that the set of Swedish Empire is so diverse that makes Sabaton, well… Sabaton. It’s great to see the new guys performing the bands older material and doing just as good a job, if not better, than the old band.

Songs from Sabaton’s latest album, “Carolus Rex“, go hand in hand with some of the bands older material, making it great to hear songs such as ‘Gott Mit Uns’ and ‘Cliffs of Gallipoli’ appear so close to one another in the set. The new songs such as ‘Lion from the North’ and ‘Carolus Rex’ are clearly loved by Sabaton’s following tonight, and it’s safe to say that when the likes of ‘The Price Of A Mile’, ‘Attero Dominatus’ and ‘Primo Victoria’ kick in that they lose their shit to these jaw dropping, incredible songs.

Like 2011’s “World War Live,” “Swedish Empire Live” is recorded in HD audio, capturing superbly one of the bands greatest live shows to date! With “Swedish Empire Live”, you really get the sense that you are a member of the crowd at Woodstock on the night this was recorded. You get to live the action, hear the band, bang your head, and have one hell of a time; all from the comfort of your own home. This is how a live release should make you feel!  It should transport the listener/viewer to the show, giving them a front of house view of the epicness to ensue.

“Swedish Empire Live” is probably one of Sabaton’s finest achievements to date… Wait. Let me rephrase that! “Swedish Empire Live” has to be one of the finest live CD/DVD’s to ever have been released; capturing one of the world’s finest metal bands, at perhaps one of their biggest and best shows to date. “Swedish Empire Live” is an open invitation to join the Sabaton army, and if you don’t accept it with open arms, you are a fool. ALL HAIL SABATON! THE KINGS OF BATTLE METAL!

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