Run After To - Run After To Gjinn and DjinnSo this release is from an old 80’s based Italian doom band known as Run After To and is being re-released by Shadow Kingdom Records. A virtually known band with an all too short career. This release assembles their self titled EP and a collection of demos entitled “Gjinn and Djinn”. On a more melancholy note, its rather depressing when you uncover a release of this power only to realize you are 20+ years too late to the party. At least we can all enjoy a blast of doom metal from the past. If you are a fan of Trouble or Pentagram this little gem is for you.

From the opening riffs of ‘Who Cries for the Children’ to the close of the demo titled ‘Exorcism’ this is non stop old school us style doom metal at its finest. Heavy riffs and hooks that suck you in and hold you through all the tracks. Great drum work and some amazing bass lines that back the great Italian accented vocals. The opening track has a wonderful guitar solo reminiscent of 70’s style music. If anyone needs a reminder of some nice 70’s guitar work look on YouTube for the Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson song ‘Once Bitten Twice Shy’. Back to Italy, this EP moves into a track entitled ‘Melancholy’ and this one is just as good as the first. Its well constructed and executed, the title reminds me that I am damn sorry I missed this party when I was younger.

Moving on to the latter half of the release. “Gjinn and Djinn”, a collection of demos. All I can say is that we missed out that these weren’t mastered and released. These demos are all quality music! Take ‘Occultism’, is this Italian doom or a Stevie Ray Vaughan riff based song. Bluesy as hell and those Italian accented vocals really just add such a nice unique quality to not only the singing but the overall song, they just sound cool. Another blistering one is the demo for ‘Run After To’, has that early Black Sabbath vibe without totally ripping of the masters. Well executed guitar work on this one as well, even has captured some of the flair of Iommi.

All in all a high quality release from a band of the past. I would like to think they could enter the studio once again and pick up where they left off but sometimes memories and good ideas are better as good memories. Thank you Shadow Kingdom Records for unearthing this material and taking the time to package it into a release. Not only is it an important part of our metal history it is a damn good release. Well done Run After To, you are still loved today.

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