Revocation - Revocation [Review]Easily one of the most consistent and underrated extreme metal acts in recent years, Revocation have forged quite a worthy back catalogue whilst seemingly and criminally keeping off the map to many. Continuing their stellar creative reliability the latest, the self titled album, proves to be their greatest and perhaps most mass appealing to date.

Without shying away from their characteristic extremity and technical precision, Revocation does so without proving needlessly brash; their chops and accuracy still in full flow but enough to still keep the songs engaging. All in all the band’s song writing craft has come on leaps and bounds since their 2011 release “Chaos Of Forms”; here everything is the most immediate and memorable the band have produced in their career. Plus it shows how to use a banjo in extreme metal done correctly.

Quick to get to grips with and simultaneously showing the vicious, heavier traits of modern death metal but with actual songs and veering away from being a virtuoso showcase, “Revocation” could prove to be a great gateway album for the uninitiated wanting to explore metal’s more extreme waters. As close to a truly accessible album as can be made in death metal without completely watering its components down, “Revocation” can and should see its makers reach a wider audience.

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