Reverted - Sputter The Worms [Review]Reverted are the latest metal band to come out of London town, having formed 3 years ago this summer sees the release of the debut album “Sputter The Worms”, which sounds like the illegitimate offspring of nu-metal and grunge who was babysat by Mike Patton – a great idea on paper, but some of this album falls shy of the mark.

The opening title track sets the scene nicely with a good groove, before moving into the same old metal territory we’re used to, only with slightly more understandable vocals, ‘Magledonia’ showcases the riff writing ability of guitarist Daniel Ruiz while ‘Don’t Try To Steal From Me’ opens with an almost Protest The Hero feel before being driven by Luis L Valle’s bass with a headbang inducing chorus. ‘Dispose of Heartaches’ is grungy and lead single ‘Die My Saint’ has some interesting drum work by Ozzy Preciado.

Sadly, after this point the album dips a little and becomes less memorable, until ‘Stained Soul’ kicks off with a grooving fist pumping intro that strips back and leaves you wondering where it will go next. Despite its well placed light and shade elements, ‘Insanity’ is far too long a song and in fact the album itself feels longer than its 64 minute runtime, which may simply be because all the long songs are at the end, so just as you think you’ve got a feel for the pace of the album you suddenly find you’re still on the same track.

‘Stairs of Guilt’ is the closest thing to a ballad on here and album closer ‘Time’ wears its Tool influence proudly on its sleeve and is a pretty decent track to boot, although I’m not sure why they’ve included a cover of Monster Magnet’sBummer’ on the release, but it’s pleasing to hear it has had Reverted stamped all over it, even if that is a song that only needs Monster Magnet stamped on it.

As talented as each individual member is in this band, Tony Vega’s voice reminds me of ‘Teethgrinder’ era Therapy? and at times that wasn’t really the voice I wanted to hear along with the music. This is certainly a band that shows promise though and there are a lot of good ideas on here, but for some of those the execution could have been a little better.

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