Revelation - Inner HarborRevelation are a band who have been around for quite some time, having been active since the mid-1980s with a split between 1996 and 2003. Since that time the band have evolved from their doom metal beginnings and veered towards a lighter, more progressive hard rock sound, with “Inner Harbor” having more in common with the likes of Rush than it does with Trouble.

Opening with the laid-back groove of the title track, the album touches on a few different musical styles, never quite settling on one vibe. ‘Terribilita’ adds a Hawkwind-esque space rock feel, beginning with a fuzzy stoner riff before slowing down and going all cosmic (man!) in what amounts to one of the more interesting tracks on here.

The album’s middle pair of songs – ‘Rebecca at the Well’ and ‘Eve Separated’ – neatly show both the band’s progressive elements and their rockier past with the former song carrying on the experimental feel of the opening songs, with time changes aplenty as well as some subtle keyboard touches. The latter track is more of a straightforward rocker, built on a catchy stoner rock riff that echoes prime Queens of the Stone Age but is ultimately the weakest song on here. The band lay the proggy stuff on a bit thicker for the final two tracks, with ‘Jones Falls’ hitting that Rush/Hawkwind mix bang on with some trippy keyboards and lush vocals and ‘An Allegory of Want’ bringing things to a mellow end.

“Inner Harbor” is an interesting album. It’s likely not to grab you the first time you listen to it, but give it few listens to let it sink in and the gorgeous melodies will soon find themselves lodged in your head, but overall it’s an album to savour when you’re in the right frame of mind to take it in.

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