Pyrithion - The Burden of SorrowAristotle wrote, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” He probably didn’t have Pyrithion’s debut EP, “The Burden of Sorrow”, released worldwide on Metal Blade Records on April 16th, 2013, in mind, but it sure fits.

Pyrithion is the collaboration of As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis, Ryan Glisan from Allegaeon, and Andy Godwin (ex-The Famine, Embodyment). Lambesis said he had wanted to do a “heavier and more traditionally metal band for a while”. Well, if his idea of traditional is kick ass modern death metal a la Suffocation, then he nailed it. Lambesis hooked up with Glisan and Godwin through the engineer of his recording studio. The three started passing ideas back and forth. “The Burden of Sorrow” is the result.

“The Burden of Sorrow” starts off with ‘The Invention of Hatred’, and you immediately notice a different sounding Tim Lambesis. No clean singing or harmonies here, just guttural death vocals. I do not know if the drums were programmed or an actual person plays on the three tracks. Either way, the blast beats are tight as well as the  guitar riffs. ‘Hatred’ is a great opening track.

‘Bleed Out’ is more of the same. Heavy, grinding death metal, with a bit of a chug in between blasts. The guitar riffs on this track, as like all, super catchy and very easily moshable. The guitar solo on ‘Bleed Out’ is a ripper too. I’m not sure which guitarist plays it, Glisan or Godwin, but it probably doesn’t matter because they both kill.

The third bite of this appetizer is ‘Rest in the Arms of Paralyzed Beast’. This track epitomizes the title as it lulls you into its dark embrace before it kills you. Starting off with a slower, more subdued intro, the song immediately erupts into a brutal attack.

When I call this EP an appetizer, I hope this is exactly what that implies, that there is a whole lot more where this came from. If “The Burden of Sorrow” is an example of what these three guys put together in what equated to a long weekend, I can’t wait to hear what they can come up with a little more time.

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