Pteroglyph - The Great Unseen [Review]Having been an integral part of Mishkin, multi-instrumentalist Jimmy MacGregor launched his new project Pteroglyph with the “Found” EP last year. Building on such a bold start, comes this new one-track EP, “The Great Unseen”.

The track clocks in at over 13 minutes and whilst the sound is akin to Meshuggah, Gojira, Miseration and Tesseract, the construction of this piece is intricate and expansive in the way many of Dream Theater‘s epics are. It ebbs and flows naturally and doesn’t feel as disjointed or spasmodic as some of the aformentioned tech lords.

The music, vocals and percussion are precise, technically impressive and powerful, but are woven together with such dexterity that you hear something new on each listen. Every riff is inventive enough to avoid plodding but not so jazzy as to have no groove to it. Also, unlike many bands of this ilk, each riff is given enough repetition to allow it to breathe and for the listener to get into the flow, but then we are neatly whisked off in another direction, so it never gets stale.

This is perfectly pitched for fans of technical metal who don’t want a total mindfuck with constant time changes, but do want pace, variety and originality. All we need now are some live dates and a fully fledged album.

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