Psychofagist - Songs Of Faint And Distortion

Psychofagist “Songs of Faint And Distortion” is an interesting listen. The eleven songs range from a wondrous seventies influenced drop tuned classic heavy metal to a jazz experimental trip through Wonderland. The music is stark, frenetic, discombobulate, and in some ways a true reflection of life in the twenty-first century. This trio from Italy, Federico DeBernardi Di Valserra, Marcello Sarino, and Stefano Ferrian captured the often confusing yet relentless pace of modern life.

“Songs of Faint And Distortion” is all over the map. It evokes technology running amok. ‘Of Digression Into Distortion’ sounds like it was recorded in an abandoned warehouse; it seeps with destruction and dilapidation. Psychofagist taps into the listeners psyche and subconscious. The things you feared in the night are articulated through music and measure.

That’s not to say that “Songs of Faint and Distortion” is a hodgepodge of sound. ‘22nd Century Misshapen Man’ is a good example of them fine tuning the album to a punk thrash jazz spoken word head bang circle pit of excellence. Yes, this is “fine tuning”. For my ears, everything they have tried to encapsulate culminates with this track. Psychofagist are expanding the boundaries of what music is. “Songs of Faint And Distortion” is more about challenging the listener than providing aural enjoyment. This being said, this terrain is nothing new to old folks. This same wave of experimental music swept through the landscape in the 60’s and 70’s. It speaks to the disenfranchised.

Beyond any socio-political yearnings; Psychofagist “Songs of Faint And Distortion” is just full of some darn good riffs. The bass sound is heavy and chunky. The drumming is grueling. The guitars are on point. The vocals a loving homage to Henry Rollins and Gil Scott Heron. There is even a feel of The Mars Volta in the compositions. Psychofagist “Songs of Faint And Distortion” is not an easy album, but it is worth a listen.

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