All Pigs Must Die - Nothing Violates This Nature [Review]In case you were unsure if the world really needs yet another Kurt Ballou-produced, raging slab of crusty hardcore played by a bunch of bearded dudes who dig Entombed and Amebix in equal measure, the answer is of course, “Fuck Yeah, Dumbass!” Appropriate, for the first part of the aforementioned phrase will be spilling from your trembling lips more than once during the 32 minute barrage of sonic brilliance that is “Nothing Violates This Nature.”

In the brief period since 2011’s blistering “God is War”, All Pigs Must Die have fine-tuned their sound to a deadly degree; the riffs are just that bit more sharper, the percussion more punishing, the vocals somehow more abrasive. They waste no time in getting down to the nitty-gritty as the crunching Converge-worship of opening track ‘Chaos Arise’ demonstrates with its driving riffs and bellowed refrains. Next track ‘Silencer’ infects the air with the foul stench of black metal, nodding to the likes of Mayhem before ‘Primitive Fear’ arrives in a chaotic whirlwind of blastbeats, although this soon morphs into a swaggering, shit-kicker of a riff that leaves you in no doubt that All Pigs Must Die have not forgotten their hardcore background, and all the better for it.

The pace slows down to a crawl for the ominous doom of ‘Of Suffering’ with its minimalist refrains evoking an atmosphere of sheer dread, and proving that it’s not all about speed when a band wants to sound utterly menacing. Having said that, the blistering grindcore of ‘Holy Plague’ will knock the teeth out the back of your head if you can stop them from chattering, as will the minute-long blast of hate that is ‘Aqim Siege.’

This is a record of such violence and aggression that it makes most death and black metal acts seem tame by comparison, as the filth and fury of closing track ‘Articles of Human Weakness’ proves beyond doubt. Elements from all the essential sub-genres are correct and present, and it’s the cohesive mashing together of tone and structure that makes “Nothing Violates This Nature” utterly essential. Buy it, you scum.

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