Our Final Hour - The Moving House [Review]The Moving House” is a six track EP from ‘post-hardcore’ band Our Final Hour. After starting in 2008 they’ve amassed a large following on the social media and have already released a number of EPs; “Like Oceans”, “From Heart And Home”. This EP is in the vein of ‘post-hardcore’ that you will be familiar with. Throat tightening screams and wide mouthed cleans are the main vocal dominance on this album. Heavy breakdowns and clean guitar passages are again traits you will be familiar with and expecting.

Our Final Hour write some well structured songs. The middle section of ‘Autumn Breeze’ is screamed yet backed by extremely clean guitars which differ greatly from the heavy guitar that dominates the EP. “#LSBC” starts with a strange intro with the clean guitar mixed with heavy vocals, the track builds up and rings out like a ‘post-hardcore ballad’. Obviously, the main focus instrumentally is on the heavy guitars, the timing of the strings and drummer is excellent and there are some really great passages. Very heavy but some of the breakdowns could use a little more work rhythmically, they’ll still get the crowd going mental however.

The main criticism of this EP is the predictability of the songs. They will all perform well in a live environment, notably ‘Searcher’. However, as a release they don’t stand out as high as they have could have but convey the potential. A longer delve into other genres to draw influence from and some different pitch in screams could really benefit this band. They have done exceptionally well but need something that sets them head and shoulders above all the other ‘post-hardcore’ bands out there. That being said they’re probably one of the better ‘post-hardcore’ outfits out there and a song like ‘Evergreen’ is one of the best songs in this field of music.

This will likely be warmly received by those already familiar with Our Final Hour. Those who like ‘post-hardcore’ will no doubt be able to love this EP. All who are unfamiliar with ‘post-hardcore’ may find themselves enjoying this EP and if they stick it through til the title track, they may convert to the genre. However, the predictability of some of the earlier songs can weigh this down musically. It’s decent, not jaw-dropping, however, this will get them greater experience to write their great album.

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