One Minute Silence - Fractured Armageddon [Review]Another comeback, another successful Pledge campaign. This time Brian ‘Yap’ Barry (vocals), Massimo Fiocco (guitars), Glen Diani (bass) and recent addition Martin Davies on drums, political crossover agitators One Minute Silence have reformed and have released their first new material since 2003’s ‘One Lie Fits All’.

Six tracks on offer here. Three brand new tracks, two remixes and an acoustic number show a slightly different side to the One Minute Silence I remembered. Opener ‘Fruit From The Lie’ is more upbeat than the straight up crunchy angry rhetoric of old, and from the second track ‘Pandemic Schizophrenia’, there is a healthy love of Tool on show. The final of the new tracks ‘You So Much As Move’ is the most chilled out of the three, but still has that big section. Structurally the songs follow the pattern of older material, with songs building up to loud, shouty, chuggy choruses that makes me feel all nostalgic.

Remixes I can normally take or leave, but the alternate versions of two of the new songs offer something a bit different and are worthy inclusions, Fiocco’s remix of ‘You So Much As Move’ in particular takes the original apart and has a fair bit of fun fitting it all back together. The only downside to this, is that after a decade long hiatus, it would have been cool to have some more new material. The acoustic ‘Early Morning’ feels a bit out of place but is still a good song and shows another side to the band.

Within my group of friends, there was some debate over the quality of the recorded output of One Minute Silence during their original run, however there was no denying that they absolutely dominated any stage they played on. Instigators of some of the most vicious circle pits I have been involved in, they stole the show from many a headline act.

This is a decent offering and shows that the energy is still there, with songs already written for the forthcoming album. Their new website says that dates are to come in 2014, and that will be the big test for me, can they still cut it. Memories of bruises gained from previous experience thinks they just might.

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