Odessa - Carry The WeightWith breakdowns that would give Parkway Drive a boner, vocal hooks that would make Rise to Remain cream their panties and an album artwork that will make you instantaneously shit sideways, Odessa are a Birmingham based powerhouse who have just released one hell of a debut record in the form of “Carry The Weight”. An album made up of 12 blistering hardcore anthems that will blow both your eardrums and your mind on contact. With not one dull track in sight, and a dozen and one opportunities to chant along aggressively to these rather brutal hits, Odessa have delivered a top notch debut album that captures the raw, unrelenting and powerful sound of the British hardcore scene.

Opening with the three tracks ‘Separated’ and ‘Breaking Point’ and ‘All I Have’, Odessa pull no punches in making “Carry The Weight” as vicious as possible from the word go, releasing wave after wave of breakdown that amplify the sonic bombardment that resonates throughout these simply amazing songs. With a bass driven tone to the dual guitar riffs, backed up by an incredibly tight rhythm section, Odessa deliver one hell of a monstrous sound on this record that will scare you shitless the moment each and every one of these hardcore anthems drops.

Lead vocalist Richard John Lardner is truly one talented guy, delivering an impressive vocal onslaught throughout the entire album that would put the likes of Winston McCall, Sam Carter and Keith Buckley to shame. If you listen to tracks such as ‘On the Outside’, ‘Divide and Conquer’ and ‘Complications’, the tone, diction and downright violent style of screaming he has adopted in these tracks is unique in some respects, sounding completely different to anyone on the scene at the moment, combining brutality and melody to form an insane hybrid scream that sounds gargantuan not only on record but live as well.

There is only one problem with “Carry The Weight” and it is that the production and mixing of some of the tracks could be better. At points the guitars could be a little more prominent in the mix so that they can actually be heard clearly over the earth shattering drums that are the dominating part of the songs. Only a small concern that doesn’t actually ruin the listening experience, if Odessa get the mixing right on their next release, we could be in for a flawless album from these hardcore superstars.

“Carry The Weight” is a debut album that Odessa should be proud of making – showcasing hardcore at its very best, through twelve of the heaviest, most destructive metal tracks you will ever hear in your entire life!  If you are a fan of modern British heavy metal, then this is an album you need in your collection, and Odessa are a band you need in your life.

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