Occoeur - Taking OverOccoeur may not a be a name that you’re too familiar with but if you get yourself to the Glastonbudget Festival in Leicestershire this May than you may find their name becoming part of your vocabulary. Hailing from Birmingham, Occoeur are described as pop-rock/alternative in their press release but give their debut album “Taking Over” a few spins and such a limited description doesn’t really seem apt.

The rather low-key opener ‘Villain’ is probably one of the weaker tracks here, the indie-rock main riff giving way to a fairly standard pop-punk chorus that doesn’t really soar as much as it should. However, this is rectified on powerful second track ‘You’ve Got It All’, which opens pleasantly enough on a late-90’s power-pop vibe before exploding into the kind of chorus that’ll cause mass havoc on dance floors in rock clubs everywhere.

Vocalist Alexandra Slawinski’s melodic voice soars during the chorus of the more metal influenced title track, which comes complete with some nice double kick-drum work and a red-hot guitar solo courtesy of Luke Challender. Elsewhere, ‘All I Can Be’ treads a similar path with some upbeat melodic metal and those gorgeous pop – in the proper sense of the word – hooks.

Less alternative and more just solid melodic rock/metal, “Taking Over” doesn’t reveal all of its charm in one go, taking two or three listens to really seep under your skin but once it does it’s there to stay. The production is good, not being either too glossy or too muddy and should hopefully give a good indication of how Occoeur are going to sound at Glastonbudget. A promising start from a band who look like they know how to write and play a good tune or two.

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