NVRVD - ComaAlso known as Never Void, German trio NVRVD have followed up last year’s impressively abrasive split with Swiss noiseniks Coilguns with “Coma”, a six-track EP that offers a tantalising glimpse into their deranged, violent world and leaves you hungry for more. Recorded in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, an air of distinct unease permeates every pore of this recording.

A massive wall of sound introduces opening track ‘Oberohe’, which takes its name from the isolated area of North Germany where NVRVD recorded this EP. If the landscape is anything like the haunting soundscapes spilling from the speakers then Oberohe must be one hell of a desolate place. It’s almost a relief when the early Converge-isms of previous releases make themselves heard in the second part of the track, although the feral vocal roars and squalling guitars are equally unpleasant in their execution.

The punk-infused battering of ‘Impartial Eyes’ will be the backdrop to many a bloodied nose when dropped live, employing elements of D-Beat and hardcore to deliver an anthem for the angry, like Sick Of It All in a bar fight with Gallows. Third track ‘We Are’ dishes up menacing riffs and banks of noise in equal measure, while the furious assault of ‘No Heaven’ is a lesson in sheer, unbridled bitterness, delivered in a 2-minute beating.

Although full albums by this wrecking crew are a treat, it’s in small doses like “Coma” that the NVRVD brand of noise tastes best. Short, serrated and sadistic, this is a must for those who think that The Dillinger Escape Plan have gone all soft and trendy.

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