Nocturnal Graves - From the Bloodline of CainI spend a lot of my time with headphones on my ears listening to my iPod on shuffle, forever damaging what remains of my eardrums, and when I’m online I usually post whatever song I’m listening to on my Twitter page via YouTube. Every now and then I’ll look on my YouTube home page to see what songs they recommend. 95 percent of the time I already own their recommendations, but sometimes I’ll find a band’s name, album cover picture or song I’ve never heard or seen before that will make me curious to find out more information. My first impression of Nocturnal Graves‘ “From the Bloodline of Cain” was that YouTube had given me a new Children of Bodom song to hear, due to the album cover depicting the Grim Reaper standing in a dark forest slicing an unfortunate man with his scythe. Upon further examination, I realized I was wrong, and the lesson learned was don’t judge an album by it’s cover.

I’ll admit this is my first time discovering Nocturnal Graves, but upon further investigation I found out it’s been six long years since this Australian band released their debut studio album, “Satan’s Cross.” After a revamped lineup, this band has risen from the depths of hell to rip your soul apart

I can tell you now that “From the Bloodline of Cain,” from Hells Headbangers Records, is eight tracks of thrash greatness. I’ve been able to review great albums from some big name bands this year, and this album ranks right up there with them. My first thought after listening is that the album comes off sounding like old school 80’s thrash with smoother production and the aggressive fusion of black metal. Right off the bat Nocturnal Graves knocks you over with ‘Promethean War.’ With it’s mind numbing tempo, this track sports not one, not two, but three blistering solos, all thanks to the chaotic guitar work of members Decaylust and Shrapnel.

Other songs to look out for with ultra fast face melting magnificent guitar brutality are ‘Slave Annihilation,’ ‘Through the Devil’s Flesh’ and the title track ‘From the Bloodline of Cain.’ L. Wilson lays down high octane drumming throughout the album. You can hear his blast beats and double bass explosiveness particularly in ‘The Conqueror’s Flame,’ ‘Ascension Through Lucifer’s Might’ and ‘The Great Adversary.’ I loved listening to Nuclear Exterminator‘s satanic-themed hellacious vocals and his bass had a good rumble, but sadly I wanted his work to be highlighted alongside Shrapnel and Decaylust‘s guitars a bit more.

If you are a fan of such bands as Slayer, Possessed and Sodom, and you’re looking for an album to check out before the end of the year, do not overlook “From the Bloodline of Cain.” You’ll have one hell of a time getting crushed by this thirty four minute gem.

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