Matthew Seddon sat down with the guys in UK tech-metal band No Consequence at Summerjam Festival 2013 for a quick tongue-in-cheek interview. They talked about the Summerjam experience, the band, influences…, playing festivals and much, much more…

Hello this is Matthew Seddon from ThisIsNotAScene and I’m here today with No Consequence. Hey guys, how are you doing?

(All): Hello mate, pretty good thanks.

So, you have just come off the stage at Summerjam Festival 2013, how has the experience been for you?

(Kaan): Yeah, Really good thanks. I was really impressed with the turnout to be honest. It’s always hard being the first band on at a festival, so we glad we could get everyone so pumped so early on in the day.

One by one could you introduce yourself to our readers?

(Colin): I’m Colin and I’m the drummer for No Consequence.

(Harry): I’m the guitarist, Harry.

(Kaan): Hey I’m Kaan and I’m the vocalist and frontman.

(Tom): And I’m Tom, and I play the bass (said in deep growling voice).

(Colin): Dude, why do you always do that haha?

When and how did No Consequence first form?

(Kaan): That is a pretty tough question, haha. The band formed probably like 7 years ago, as the first initial line-up no longer exists. New members, new name, new sound, and this incarnation has been around for about two and a half years. We have been called No Consequence for about five years though.

How would you describe your sound and who are your main inspirations?

(Kaan): Hands down it has to be Michael Jackson!

(Colin): Justin Timberlake!

(Tom): Dude, you were totally going to say Justin Bieber!

(Kaan): The thing is; we have such a broad spectrum of music. We also listen to different stuff so it’s hard to pinpoint singular influences. Tom’s massively into his progressive metal, me and Dan are into hardcore, the rest of the guys are into really gay music – so when we bring all that together we have a mish mash of gay progressive hardcore… That is No Consequence, haha.

Some people have described you guys as like a technical/progressive metalcore band. What other bands would you say are flying the flag in that scene at the moment?

(Tom): Without sounding like a bunch of dickheads, we don’t really sound like anything else out there at the moment. We hate the word “crossover”, and when people describe us as being something like a Hardcore/Djent crossover, we think it’s a really bad description of us. But anyway, back to the question. Bands of a “similar vein” to ourselves who are doing really well: Born of Osiris, Northlane, Volumes, Structures. Sure, we have more of a progressive side than they do, but there are definitely similarities in our music. Karnivool and Cynic too, we absolutely love those guys!

You played Tech-Metal Fest the other week, how was that experience for you guys? How was the set and which other bands did you get to check out?

(Colin): For me Heart of a Coward where incredible. We played with them a while back and the sound was a bit dodgy, but they were absolutely amazing as Tech-Fest, hopefully a lot of big things to come for those guys. Such a fat sound!

(Kaan): Set wise, it was amazing, but stressful haha. We had a stage change like 10 minutes before we went on, and it is so stressful. Trust me, that is one thing you never want to happen when you are playing a festival.

(Harry): The generator decided to give up on the main stage so we had to pick up all our gear and run across to the second stage in like 7 minutes, set up, line-check and play! We thankfully managed it, but god only knows how. Yeah, it was a great gig with around five hundred people watching us. Hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!

I heard you also played a Limp Bizkit cover set at the festival. Tell us more about that?

(Tom):  Unfortunately, our label buddies Aliases had to pull out of the festival, so we were asked to do a Limp Bizkit tribute set with a few special appearances. We thought it was going to bomb and people where going to hate it to be honest, but everyone was fucking loving it and bouncing up and down and singing along to all the words.

(Harry): It was fucking funny! And we got blacked up like motherfuckers!

(Kaan): Not in a racist way, haha! He covered himself in black paint!

(Tom): Imitating Wes Borland’s stage makeup.

So you said you really have enjoyed both Tech-Metal Fest and Summerjam Festival, but if you could pick 3 bands/artists to play with and a venue to play at. Who would you choose and where would you play?

(Kaan): Hands down it has to be Michael Jackson!

(Colin): Justin Timberlake!

(Tom): And Justin Bieber!

(Harry): But, we would have to perform some ritual to resurrect Michael Jackson, so we would have to host the gig on his grave!

(Colin): Maybe we should stop talking about Michael Jackson so much. So far we have listed him as being one of our main influences, and artist we would like to tour with, and now we are saying we would like to host a gig on top of the site in which he is buried. People will think we have a thing for the guy!

You have recently released your new album “IO” via Basick Records. Was there any one main song writer on the album, or was it a team collaboration?

(Kaan): There is, yeah. There is one guy who isn’t present at this interview who does all the structuring, and takes everybody’s ideas and moulds them into songs. Everyone throws their ideas at him and he just mashes them all together. That’s Dan. Hi Dan. He is sat on the merch stand; doing his job like a good boy.

The artwork for the album is pretty awesome as well. Who designed the artwork, and is there any inspiration or concept about it?

(Kaan): Yeah the whole album has a concept really, as “IO” is one of Jupiter’s moons and it is the most volcanic planet in the solar system. Anyway the artwork was done by Iggy from Uneven Structure, and he blew our minds with what he could do. He absolutely smashed it!

The idea behind it is that, this album is all about our world, and the way we are heading, we are going to destroy our planet through war and pollution. If you look at the artwork closely, it resembles Earth, but in a very barren and desolate form. That is what is going to happen if we don’t change!

[Train goes past the venue]

(Tom): Fuck you train for ruining this deep and meaningful conversation!

What would you say your favourite song to play live, and what do you like about playing it?

(Colin): Drumwise it has to be ‘Coerce: Conform’. It’s so hectic and it has one of the coolest beats I have ever come up with. The dynamics are incredible.

(Harry): As a guitarist I love my tapping, so for me my favourite song to play live has to be ‘Enemy of Logic’. It’s all encompassing. Such fun to play!

(Kaan): Mine has to be ‘Vela’ as it’s heavy as fuck!

(Tom): At the moment it is ‘Sentient’; just because it is so different to all our other stuff. Very different vibe to our other stuff, and lets me relax and concentrate on my playing.

[Kaan laughs and spills water all over himself]

(Colin): Kaan spaffed his pants guys! Legend!

So, what does the rest of 2013 hold for you guys?

(Kaan): Touring, touring and touring… Hopefully with Justin Timberlake. We are playing Euroblast in Germany and then we hope to do a full tour in December. That’s basically it.

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