nine covens - on the dawning of lightLet me squash your curiosity right here by saying this; I know nothing more than any other reviewer out there.  I wish I could say that Nine Covens and I kicked it back this one time when they were over from the United Kingdom, played some Scrabble (since this would be an obvious game choice…) and I got to know them all over some breakfast tea.  Sadly, they are all as anonymous to me as anyone else out there.  From the looks of things in their black and white, hooded, blurred band photos, there are four guys.  That’s all I’ve got.  Released in early January 2013 through Candlelight Records, the title “On The Dawning Of Light” follows their first release “…On The Coming Of Darkness” from 2011 thematically , both albums having similar feels and maintaining the same stylistic intentions.

Nine Covens waste no time summoning the blackness, incorporating the addictive chug of the death metal riffs amidst the baron, soulless rhythms of second-wave styling on ‘Origin of Light’.  Regenerating all the traditional black metal elements could be a bit redundant at this point in history but by incorporating the odd external influence, without overdoing it, the band has managed to blend stylistically to the past without getting lost in repetition. Then they throw in some atmospheric stuff like ‘White Star Acception’ reminiscent of Blut Aus Nord and Alcest that seems to play off the album well in interlude.

‘To Quench A Rage’ is by far the hardest hitting thing this album will toss at you with waves of unruly guitar that will rip your skin right off your skeletal remains, blasting away at you as the vocalist releases the full brunt of his rage at your puny, pathetic faces.

Capturing a quizzically elegant tone with ‘A Burning Ember’ drums are used to their full capacity with interesting cymbal fills and persistent blast beats.  The track is graced raw, layered vocal harmonies in the chorus; something you don’t see too often, exuding misery and pain.

Drawing obvious influence from Darkthrone and crust bands such as Discharge as publicly documented, it’s really hard not to like these guys.  They’ve filled a snack size Ziploc full of as much raw, unrelenting darkness and threw it out on the stoop to stew in its own collective juices; aged to perfection yet still as fresh as it comes.  Who ever said you can’t be everything all at once?

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