Nightbitch - ChainmakerThere is a character in Marc Millar’s comic book series ‘Kick-Ass’ called Night-Bitch. She’s kind of typical of the genre in that she’s a pneumatic redhead in a skimpy costume who hits people with a bloody big stick. I don’t know if Connecticut’s Nightbitch are named after her, but it’s a good fit either way.

“Chainmaker” is the three-piece’s third release, and although they’ve had several personnel changes, their oeuvre remains intact, and it’s lyrically pretty simple – Get your kit off and get spanked for Satan. Kinky sex and violence, all in the name of our dark Lord. Just an average night in round Rob Halford‘ s house I imagine.

The medium for Nightbitch‘s sleazy message is thunderous heavy metal, with new vocalist and drummer Chris Taylor doing a very passable Glenn Danzig impersonation. He sings in that familiar bluesy howl, but somehow he sounds a little world weary, as if dominating all these nubile lovelies for Beelzebub is getting a bit tiresome and at the end of the day, it’s just a job. Still, he does an effective job on the title track and the doomier ‘Disrober’. It’s all rather silly and puerile, but fun none the less.

Nightbitch divert from their own particular sweaty niche on the final of the three tracks here and tackle Deep Purple‘s ‘Into The Fire’. It translates well into their more blustery, thuggish style but does show up the band’s limitations as song writers as it is by far the best composition here.

If this sounds like your idea of a good time then ask your slave master for a slightly larger gimp mask, so that you can fit headphones underneath. Then you can be punished in time to a Nightbitch soundtrack. Christ! I feel like I need a shower after all this filth…

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