Necrowretch - Putrid Death SorceryWhen you see a band name like Necrowretch, with a gloriously titled effort of “Putrid Death Sorcery”, you can have a pretty good idea what this is going to sound like. Surprisingly, this is not a new, scantily dressed Rihanna like pop or R&B diva album; but vile, ferocious death metal at its ugliest.

The band’s first release from their new home of Century Media, these French extremists have shown a hatred for being classed as an old school band, or being thrown in with newer acts that are happy to be associated with this grouping. Odd considering that this is the best way to describe them. The entire feel of the album is that of the gritty, primal character of early death and black metal bands; with thrashy riff style, raw sounding production and pure viciousness so it does seem strange they would try to distance from this.

With this seemingly kindred sound of such acts, “PDS” does seem to lack its own real personality and character, with a feel that seems to blend with such peers rather than properly stand out. That being said it is still well worth a punt. Songs are very short and sharp so it doesn’t wait around too long for you to get bored. Admittedly songs can prove a tad formulaic and samey but they are still pretty strong.

Strangely visceral about being branded as an old school band, Necrowretch do very little to sound anything else, with a sound that fits the familiarity of such bands comfortably. That being said, “Putrid Death Sorcery” is still a very decent album which of course will be perfect for fans of the like. They may not like being an old school sounding band, but they do it well.

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