Necrotic Disgorgement - Documentaries of Dementia [Review]Twitter is a wonderful place to discover the names of bands you may have never heard of before. I remember looking through my twitter timeline one day and coming across a Necrotic Disgorgement mention. So when looking through the list of albums to review, the band’s “Documentaries of Dementia” album showed up. Knowing nothing about this band except for the remembrance of their name, curiosity decided for me to give it a listen.

Hailing from Columbus,Ohio, Necrotic Disgorgement is a death metal band. Their last album, “Suffocated in Shrinkwrap,” was released nine long years ago. Since then the band has recruited a new vocalist and bass player.

My first thought when I listened to “Documentaries of Dementia” was, this album is remarkably fast. Songs like ‘Pincushion Pussy,’ ‘Conceived for Incest’ and ‘Postmortem Fluid Evacuation’ play out like a runaway bullet train. The driving force is drummer Jason Trecazzi. The album is forty minutes of blast beats and double bass explosions. By the end of his onslaught you will be asking yourself is Trecazzi man or machine?

The next impression I had was this album is profoundly heavy. ‘Grotesque Skeletal Reconstruction,’ ‘Defecation Delicacy’ and ‘Anal Trauma’ are all eardrum destroying jackhammers. Guitarists Ben Deskins and Tony Tipton along with bass player Phil Good run you over like an out of control semi truck, crushing your skull in with tremendous riffs, while weaving in marvelous, agitated and captivating solos. Vocalist Jimmy Javins‘s voice is just downright scary. Intensively fierce guttural growling mesh strongly with all the other instruments.

My last impression of “Documentaries of Dementia” is the subject matter of this album is disturbing. Starting with the opening track, ‘Intronitiation,’ which sets the atmosphere of feeling like you are trapped in the mind of a deranged killer. It is experiencing the first bloodthirsty horror movie you ever watched again. Song titles such as ‘Crack whore Compost,’ ‘He Wears the Flesh’ and others tracks display lyrics of kidnapping, physical and mental torture, mutilation , rape and murder. It is not for the easily offended. This is definitely an album that would have given my parents heart attacks if I was caught listening to this as a teenager. After recovering from the shock, I can picture my Mom scheduling an appointment with the psychiatrist. She still might if I let her read this review.

“Documentaries of Dementia” left me bruised, battered and scarred, but do you know what I did? I picked myself up, healed my wounds and prepared for another sadistic go around. But a warning to the wise, do not play this album for any of your relatives or friends that have never listened to brutal death metal. They will be forever mentally traumatized. On second thought, I’m going to call up my Mom today.

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