Neaera - Ours Is The StormThere is a strong possibility that you have noticed the name Neaera in passing before completely by accident. Fairly regularly their name seems to pop up mid to lower billing on a metal show featuring several young upstart bands; normally with Emmure or the ilk on there as well. If this has happened to you, and you’re sat there thinking “oh, maybe I should check them out”, then definitely do so; and “Ours Is The Storm” is a cracking place to start.

Previously an archetypal metalcore band; showing strong sense of melody and a love for Swedish death metal, this new release sees them continuing a trend into more The Black Dahlia Murder territory, and very well as it happens. In comparison to previous efforts, “Ours Is The Storm” certainly sees a greater focus on technicality which pushes their sound forward without both losing their sense of melody and without charging into sickly levels of shred masturbation. Hardly reaching tech levels of the likes of The Contortionist or The Faceless; this retains their core sound, but shows well played signs of experimenting and evolving.

Vocally as well, “Ours Is The Storm” doesn’t veer off the beaten track and continues with the high to low end screams fans will be familiar with; the only real gripe being the noticeable strain that the lower pitched growls seem to be under. Otherwise, this is very strong melodic death metal which, while not groundbreaking will prove very worthwhile if this style is your cup of tea.

Now on to their sixth album, Neaera have certainly been doing the rounds despite not being one of the most well known of names, but “Ours Is The Storm” shows that these guys are not resting on their laurels and worth a look. So next time their name appears on some busy looking gig poster, check them out.

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