Nails - Abandon All LifeLast time there was this much hype about a grindcore album it was something along the lines of “Bum Bruner” or something. We all know how that turned out! It was utter shite. So being a cynic as you all should know by now, I was a bit skeptic about the new Nails album titled “Abandon All Life”. I am happy to report that it was nothing like the previously over-hyped garbage. It is like the Nails of old and lives up to its predecessor titled “Unsilent Death” (2010) in terms of its sound.

There is a saying that says “if it isn’t broke, don’t fuck with it” but that’s just my take. “Abandon All Life” has that same raw intensity in terms of playing style and that filthy sound we all love so much from Nails with a bit of a twist.

This comes back to genres like death metal, where being technical doesn’t necessarily make you “heavy” and bands need to get that through their thick skulls. Nails “Abandon All Life” has a good variety in terms tempo and just showcases how raw, filthy noise can be as destructive and crushing at full tilt, but also a bit slower, in their case, a lot slower achieves the same desired affect. The affect in this case is having the fans not know their earholes from their arseholes.

You’re thinking grindcore is supposed to have a “play fast or don’t” approach, I tend to disagree and thankfully Nails showcase this in their new record. Some of the tracks are so crushing and heavy at like half the tempo of the rest of the tracks and then there is the combination of both worlds that make for an immaculate culmination of playing styles.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the tracks still tend to leave you thinking “how does one even play that fast” which means it is a pretty well balanced record and I tend to appreciate that. The guitar riffs range from decapitating raw assaults to slow crushing riffs that have a slight sludgy feel to them, but it is in no means overpowering. The vocal work has a hardcore element to it , which I think is fucking rad.

If you like grindcore/hardcore, the 4-piece fiendish aggression and brutality of Nails and their latest record “Abandon All Life” will not disappoint. So add this to your shopping list and prepare to be annihilated.

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