Halloween has come early this year, as the Infamous Tour rolls into Portsmouth for it’s last UK date, featuring the likes of Glamour of the Kill, The Defiled and headliners Motionless in White, its a tour that offers some bang for your buck, as well as the largest gathering of black clothes and multicoloured hair you are likely to see on a Monday night around these parts.

Openers Glamour of the Kill are somewhat the odd ones out this evening, as they neither look nor sound like either of the two other bands on the bill, but that doesn’t hinder them from getting things going this evening. As they take to the stage, it takes only a few seconds for them to get the crowd in attendance jumping, swaying… and I think I’m pretty sure I saw some twerking as well out there! I think to call Glamour of the Kill a musical safe bet does them a great disservice; they do play music that ties into a formula somewhat, but they do it with such gusto and passion that it’s hard not to be enamoured with it. They are also in celebratory mood as they debut tracks from their recently released ‘Savages’ album, which hit shops today, from the two tracks they played in their set this evening, it looks like things may be well on their way to taking off for them, and this could just be the beginning.

Up next are the dark heart of the British metal scene, London’s own The Defiled, a band that by now needs no introduction, as they have been treading the boards for a good number of years now, but a band that still manages to both surprise and amaze in equal measure each time you see them. The Defiled are on fine form this evening, as they showcase their incredible new album ‘Daggers’ for the crowd. They also bring with them an air of menace, and a sense of destruction and cause the evening’s first real pit damage. Whipping up circle pits, walls of death, and a heavy metal can can line as well, yep, that actually happened. The Defiled are a band that has honed their craft over years and years of hard work, and are one the tightest live acts in music today, and when I say tight I mean like Metallica tight. When the sound man is on their side they are unstoppable, add in the AVD and his drunken banter and its a winning combination. It will be interesting to see where The Defiled go on their own headline tour, and how they add to their production and stage show, but right now there is a ticking clock somewhere counting down the minutes until we see their name on the marque at Brixton Academy… and trust me when I say it will happen sooner rather than later.

Which brings us to Motionless in White, a band with an ambitious nature, the heirs to the thrones of Cooper, Manson and Zombie. A band that tonight seems somewhat like a shark in a paddling pool, and when I say that I mean they have the show, ideas, and rabid audience appeal that much like The Defiled will see them upgraded to much larger venues very very soon. It’s not hard to see why, tonight the band puts on a show, not a gig but a show. Opening with an epic ‘Devil’s Night’ the band puts their foot down and doesn’t take it off the gas for the next 75 minutes, in that time they run through most of ‘Infamous’ their current album, almost in it’s entirety. We also get costume changes, fire breathers and a burlesque show, which saw 300 or so emo boys in the audience all hit puberty at the same time, as they all stared mouths agape at the pretty ladies onstage. There are moments where the momentum slowed down, (during the costume changes/intervals mainly) but there is no denying that Motionless in White want to give their fans the best show they can, and I think judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces they are succeeding. In a world where every band looks the same, and they choreograph every move they make onstage like robots, it’s nice to see bands breaking the mould and leaving their own marks on things, and make no mistake about it, Motionless in White are a band whose legacy has only just begun writing itself.

Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal

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