Motionless In White. Get used to seeing that name, because you will be seeing it everywhere for a long time to come, trust me. The Pepsi Max tent is rammed, it’s Friday evening and Korn are just finishing up on the main stage, but there is a palpable sense of anticipation inside this tent as everyone awaits the arrival of Motionless In White. Some people are fans, some are curious, and some have merely just stumbled into the tent and have no idea what they are about to see. Well, the answer to that is one of the best new live bands around.

Ok, so Motionless In White aren’t exactly new but they are fairly unfamiliar to these shores still. This will only be their second visit this year after supporting and in some cases upstaging Asking Alexandria back in January, but this is the Download crowd and a real proving ground for the band.

Opening with the colossal ‘Devil’s Night’ the band puts their cards on the table early and pretty much just says we are here, show us what you’ve got. It takes next to no time for the tent to take on a life of it’s own, this is the Devil’s Carnival and everyone is along for the ride. Chris Motionless proves to be a captivating and charming frontman throughout, as he leads not only his band, but the gathered masses through a set of high energy, high fun macabre metal mastery.

The Pepsi Max stage is the perfect environment to see Motionless In White in, it’s big enough to get a nice size crowd in, but also intimate enough to feel the full impact of the band’s live show. Wisely the band’s set is made up mostly from their most recent album “Infamous”, I say wisely because the album is huge and it’s full of anthems designed for this type of environment, whilst demonstrating just far they can go in the future.

As the final notes of ‘Immaculate Misconception’ ring out, and everyone looks bewildered, and a little worse for wear, three things become clear, Motionless In White have arrived. They have just turned in one of the best performances of the weekend and their tour in September with The Defiled is not to be missed.

If you are still unfamiliar with Motionless In White, then now is the time to get involved before their darkness encompasses everything and you are left out in the cold.

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