MothershipGet out your shit kickers, Mothership has landed. Mothership is a 70s bell bottomed, bandana wearing, line dancin’ slow grind Texas drawl of a stoner metal band. Mothership self – released their debut album entitled “Mothership” in 2012 and after some heavy touring were picked up by Ripple Music. Mothership‘s “Mothership” saw a 2013 re-release.

Mothership is in the same vein as Southern Train Gypsy, Wolfmother, Orange Goblin, and Earthride. This trio from Texas are very fresh, alive, organic. Kells and Kyle Juett helm guitars and bass respectively with Judge Smith on drums. They are a tight outfit. The opening track to their self titled album “Mothership” is entitled ‘Hallucination’. It is indeed like an extended trip. It segues into a groove laded ‘Cosmic Rain’.

The lyrics aren’t deep and meaningful, but they are fun. “We like to rock … we’re never gonna stop. It’s in our blood,  it’s in our veins. We take it day to day… Don’t believe everything they say, rock and roll is here to stay.” Sophomoric and heinously overdone, yes but the sentiment seems genuine. Other than the lyrics my only “complaint” is the vocal mix feels 2D and thin; almost to clean.

That gets a pass because the riffage is just choice. ‘Angel of Death’ had me dancing about the flat. The drums keep some wicked time and the rhythm section break down at 4 minutes made me squeeeee in delight. The first 24 seconds of ‘Eagle Soars’ are spine tingling and the ‘My Sharonna’ riffage from 24 to 58 seconds make the music an instant thumbs up for me. The lyrics, however,  are cringe worthy.

Again the actual music of Mothership more than makes up for it. ‘Lunar Master’ is heady in it’s simplicity and breathtaking in it’s execution. It’s the perfect book end to close the album as Hallucination opened it.

Now to be sure, Mothership have miles to ride and bodies to hide before they hit Goblin status. The cover for the “Mothership” album being a heavy nod to Goblin‘s “The Big Black”. But Mothership have put a good foot forward and in time they may just be America’s answer to Orange Goblin.

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