Monochromie - Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep“Oh Fluttery … how could I have ever doubted you?” These were the exact words that went through my mind this morning as I began to listen to “Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep” by Monochromie … released on Fluttery Records. After the disappointment that was “Sekai” by |**| Gate … this was almost exactly what the doctor ordered.

Inventive … noisy … with a focus on melody, “Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep” by Monochromie is a delight to listen to from start to finish.

Folks like “Fennesz” come to mind when I listen closely. Monochromie‘s use of electronics and noise is comparable to his work … especially the seminal “Venice”.

That said, at times the balance of noise and melody shift in power … with tracks “Birds Never Die” being, at times, more noise than melody … but, that said, the melody is always there … waiting to be heard … and when it is heard, it is gorgeous.

There is a strong post-rock influence … with guitars playing a large part on this release. Take the opening track – “a cold sunset” – for example, it’s is pure delight. Dissonant, in places … but stunning nonetheless. The use of glockenspiel is simply inspired especially in contrast with the guitars … it defines the song with a simple counter-melody that cuts through the noise and emphasises the main melody … a guitar-led wall-of-sound.

And it is this emphasis on melody that really sets this album apart … it redeems it from other more lacklustre noisefests or post-rock crescendo-a-thons. The ability to manipulate sound is most definitely a skill … but to do so whilst making it exciting, deeply engaging, and, most importantly for me, listenable through the use of melody and/or percussion takes both effort and talent. Monochromie have made this effort and shown their talent … creating a release that inspires and delights in equal measure … an album that is almost euphoric in nature with tracks like “Silence is Anger” and “Day and Night of a Scarecrow” really lifting the listener in the most delightful of ways.

I thoroughly enjoyed this release and would recommend it to folks who like their post-rock heavily seasoned with noise and melody … or indeed their noise infused with post-rock driven melody.

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