Mojo Fury - The Difference BetweenAs 2013 draws to a close music lovers can rejoice that whilst the winter may be mild, the burgeoning UK rock scene is as exciting as ever with this new opus from Northern Ireland’s Alt-Rock newcomers Mojo Fury.

Sounding like a cross between Biffy Clyro, Middle Class Rut and Therapy? if they had written tracks for Nine Inch Nails. Album opener ‘Safe in the Arms of the Sound’ builds so slowly it’s easy to lose concentration and miss all the subtle layers the band have added to create what will undoubtedly back an intro track for big live headline gigs. After that and the somewhat plodding ‘Origami Bird’ (the lyrics to which include “I made a bird, a paper bird”) the album really showcases the songwriting capabilities of this outfit. ‘Money Body Body Money’ and title track ‘The Difference Between’ let the band rock out with a couple of great hook riffs, before frontman (and former drummer) Mike Mormecha brings us back down with Gothic track ‘Iris Influential’ with some crazy piano playing and a big dirty beat underpinning the entire track, kind of like Portishead if they had ever been any good.

‘Terraform’ feels like more of a filler track, with something of a Modest Mouse feel about it, but ‘The World Apart’ races along quite happily, pushing you to keep listening to where the album will go next. ‘Medusa’ has the air of a future live favourite and, in fact, is the turning point where the listener starts to realise that Mojo Fury are a live band – put these songs in a dark sweaty room, with smoke machines and lighting rigs and watch them take on a whole new life.

The closing track ‘Golden Wall’ is yet another song that sounds nothing like the rest of the album, an emotional piano led track that wouldn’t be out of place on a Bjork record and proves Mojo Fury were deserving of their Artrocker Award.

Sure to be seen at festivals and venues up and down the country in 2014, everyone is now looking to see what Mojo Fury will do next having released one of the most creative and interesting albums of the year.

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