Moghul - Dead EmpiresMoghul is set to release their newest opus entitled “Dead Empires” on Devizes Records on January 28th. If you’ve ever been to Birmingham, which some say is the home of metal, you’ll understand the dreary somber tone of Moghul’s debut album.

Moghul formed only last year, 2012 and if their “Dead Empires” EP is anything to go by, they should be around for a very long time. The EP clocks in at 23 minutes 9 seconds and is a thrifty two songs long. That’s right, “Dead Empires” has only two songs.

The title track ‘Dead Empires’ is first up at a sludgy plodding 9:53. Make no mistake, Moghul are a black light, velvet picture, lava lamp, psychedelic, bean bag, doom band. The track ‘Dead Empires’ is the perfect backdrop for a 70s style slasher movie.

‘Dead Empires’ conjures up blood splatter on a wall followed by running through a rain soaked forest and falling in the mud to reach the road to hail a passing Dodge Charger only to have it roar past you and you get even more mud and water on your already shivering cold body and the steely ice cold killer sneaks up on you and hacks you to bit with an axe. Uh-huh. Really.

The second and last track, called ‘Hidden Hand’, is a heavy measured piece that meanders in and out of guitar and bass leads. Both instruments work beautifully together to create a richness of tone and texture. Moghul’s “Dead Empires” is especially designed for you to turn on, tune in, and drop out.

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